Three new Vespa variants with 4 attractive color choices, these are the advantages of Vespisti

mobilinanews (Jakarta) – Riding a Vespa means showing a unique personality and appreciating the values ​​of elegance, freshness and freedom.

For this reason, the three versions that make up the new Vespa GTS range have more defined characteristics, with three very different characters to reflect the rider’s lifestyle.

Classic Vespa GTS is the perfect choice for those who want to ride in maximum comfort with an elegant and luxurious appearance.

The simple and minimalist design of the Vespa GTS Classic is seen through the combination of bright metallic colors that reflect the true authenticity of the Vespa.

Every detail is considered and equipped with chrome details, both from the body profile, the details on the steering wheel, the front suspension springs, the headlight frame, up to the exhaust cover.

Gray upholstery with matching stitching and vertical patterns supplied with heat sealed details and handrails, and color matched gray rubber foot pegs wheelsIt gives an elegant impression. Vespa GTS Classic is available in a choice of colors Relax Green, Vulcano Black and Sabbia Beige.

Vespa GTS Super Sport is the culmination of the Vespa profile jock, suitable for those who are daring and active. The strong and bold character of the Vespa GTS Super Sport is clearly visible through wheels gray with custom graphics and various black details, starting from the profile that wraps around the body.

Details on the steering wheel and touch of a new, more aggressive carbon look with sparkling orange decoration. The black seats are also distinguished by a horizontal pattern obtained by a heat-sealing technique and contrasting neon orange double stitching.

There are four color choices enriched with new special graphics viz. White Innocenza, Tramonto Orange and Green Olive And Opaque black.

Vespa GTS Supertech is the top variant of the Vespa GTS model, combining character jock the highest with the latest technology.

The Vespa GTS Super Tech offers an extraordinary driving experience for those who appreciate cutting-edge design, advanced engines and the latest technology.

On the appearance side, the Vespa GTS Super Tech stands out with a satin gray finish chromium typical, wheels colored to match the diamond finish, and a choice of colors mast with special graphics, such as Matte Quarzo Gray And deep blue.

Some of the unique accents include the decorative steering wheel cover and the neon green painted front suspension springs. The seat also displays details “high technology” in double thickness and two-tone topstitching with fluorescent green parts. (bs)

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