World respected! Indian Media Reveals 2 From Indonesia, These 5 Badminton Coaches Enter Jagat’s Best List

MEDIA BLITAR – The role of the badminton coach has a major influence on the development of athletes in the strategy of crushing their opponents in tournaments.

Moreover, the presence of this important person can make the mentality of the player become a mentality of champion to win the title.

Indonesia is one of the countries with many talented seeds to play badminton. There are many basic trainers, even feared by other countries.

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Indian foreign media have published several names of coaches recognized as having greatness and even respected by the world.

Because it is considered the best, many countries want to grab it to develop great players in their own country.

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There are 5 trainers mentioned, but two of them are from Indonesia. Some coaches are considered seldom known because they are rarely highlighted by the media or the public.

Here are 5 of the best coaches who are up for grabs due to their success in leading players to titles, as reported by 360 Badminton:

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