World Bike Day, Anies Gowes with Anglo-Turkish Ambassador in Jakarta


Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan rides today with a number of ambassadors to commemorate World Bike Day (World Bike Day 2022). Anies and his entourage traveled through the Dukuh Atas area to Lapangan Banteng in central Jakarta.

Ambassadors present included British Ambassador to Indonesia Owen Jenkins, Indian Ambassador Manoj Kumar and Turkish Ambassador Askin Aksan.

“We commemorate World Bicycle Day. The name is only a warning, if the warning means reminding us of the importance of using bicycles as a tool for our daily lives. Transport equipment, sports equipment, whose goal was transmitted by Pak Fahmi, gives happiness,” Anies said at Lapangan Banteng in central Jakarta on Friday (06/03/2022).

Anies said Jakarta was seriously considering providing cyclists and pedestrians with facilities equivalent to motor vehicle users. In this way, he hopes people will get used to using bicycles to do their activities.

“So we hope that with this activity, the message will be sent out more widely. And that is important because cycling is not only practiced by government officials, but also by the whole community,” he said. declared.

Anies also claims that the number of bicycle users has increased 10 times. Referring to this data, Anies suggested that manufacturers produce more city bikes or urban bikes.

“If I may suggest, give an opportunity for city bikes, urban bikes to be produced more because a lot of riding on the ground today are mountain bikes, bikes for unpaved areas, not for roads We need more bikes that are city bikes, an urban bike that self-rights when you ride a bike,” he explained.

“The bike sits more leaned, approximately the speed is higher. The straighter you sit, the slower the speed,” he continued.

Therefore, Anies also hopes that this effort will be accompanied by the role of the community in inviting people to use the bike during activities.

“I told almost all of these ambassadors that they used to cycle every day. In Jakarta, cycling activities have not decreased. Therefore, we hope that the Jakarta community will use the bike more. bike,” he said.

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