“What is more important than dealing with the pain and suffering of others and oneself? »

42 years ago, on November 1, 1981, as an important stop on his world tour, Silo publicly delivered his message “Humanizing the Earth” to India, in the city of Bombay (now Mumbai).

Given the scale of the event, it was held outdoors, on the sands of Girgaum Chowpatty beach, which is a traditional venue for large religious and cultural events.

Silo and the international team accompanying him responded to an official invitation from the “Community for Balance and Human Development”¹, ​​a non-profit social and cultural organization that develops the activities of the Movement² in the country.

The presence of thousands of people met the chosen location and the organizers’ expectations. Media coverage was extensive, both in the days before and during the event as well as in the days after Silo was in town. Articles were published in major newspapers and magazines, and television interviews appeared on the national network Doordarshan.

Here is a clear picture of this event which gave an important impetus to the activities of the Silos in India and Asia.

Videos in Spanish, English, Hindi:

(1) Around 1981, the Movement introduced itself to the world under this name, encompassing all activities that, over the years, had been separated into various organizations, action fronts, humanist clubs, offices, etc. Many years later, “Community” – which had already become one of the organizations of the Humanist Movement – ​​would shorten its name and remain “Community (for human development)” to this day.

(2) At that time, the movement founded by Silo was not yet known as the Humanist Movement, a name he later took.

This text is based on excerpts from a text by Fernando García, one of the main promoters of the development of New Humanism in India.

Translated from Spanish by Evelyn Tischer

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