Two Indies Dark Rum, Indian rum from Amrut

Made by Indian distillery Amrut using rums from India and the Caribbean, Two Indies Dark Rum has a very rich and varied fruit flavour, both on the nose and on the palate.

The family business located in Bangalore, in the south of the country, has four custom-made pot stills and has even developed its own collaboration. You just have to walk through the doors of the distillery to see how authenticity and attention to detail are maintained, from the selection of raw materials, control of aging, to the labeling of each bottle which is still made by hand.

This new dark rum invites you to take a journey into the heart of the richness and aromatic richness of rum, between tradition and innovation. The result of a combination of two types of rum, the reference Two Indies Dark Rum bridges the gap between the two Indies, namely the “East Indies” and the “Caribbean Indies”.

On the one hand, rum is made from Brown sugar, raw sugar from sugar cane produced in the state of Karnataka and traditionally used in making Indian desserts. This rum is pot distilled which is then aged in American oak barrels. This version comes from a blend of Caribbean rums with a strong profile and pronounced aroma, from Jamaica, Barbados and Guyana. Selected for their uniqueness and complementarity, the distillates sublimate and respond to each other to produce perfect harmony.

Tasting Notes

Nose : Black fruit aroma (blackberry), with notes of toffee, molasses and licorice.

Mouth : Oily and delicious, with notes of caramel, spices and saffron.

End: More bitter notes of pepper and licorice.

Two Indies Dark Rum can be enjoyed neat or in a very simple cocktail, like a Ti Punch.

Amrut Two Indies Dark Rum is available at wine merchants and on linepriced at €39.90 per bottle.


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