Train crash kills several people in India

One carriage was propelled into the sky, balanced on top of another carriage.Image:

A passenger train collided with a goods convoy in eastern India. At least eight people were killed and around forty people were injured.

06/17/2024, 09:0006/17/2024, 14:11.

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At least eight people were killed in India on Monday when the driver of a goods convoy ignored signals and crashed into a passenger train in the eastern state of West Bengal, police and railway authorities said.

About 50 people were injured and taken to hospital, said Jaya Varma Sinha, chairman of the Indian Railway Board, in a statement that said the goods convoy “ignored signals and hit the train from behind.

Among the dead were the driver and his friend who did not obey signals, as well as a barrier guard and five passengers, Sinha added.

Images broadcast by Indian media showed the wreckage of overturned carriages, one of the carriages pushed into the sky, and resting on top of another.

“We have just seen the bodies of a deceased driver and guard… their bodies have been removed,” Rajesh Kumar Singh of the Railway Protection Force told AFP.

“Other bodies may be at the crash site, but we are not sure yet”

Kumar Singh

Prime Minister Narendra Modi offered his condolences to “those who lost their loved ones”, in a message on social media, and added that “relief operations are underway”.

Modernize the network

India, which has one of the largest railway networks in the world, has experienced many deadly train accidents in its history.

However, safety has improved in recent years thanks to investments to modernize the network with modern stations and electronic signaling systems.

The deadliest accident in the country's history still occurred on June 6, 1981 when, in the (eastern) state of Bihar, seven carriages of a train crossing a bridge fell into the Bagmati River, causing between 800 and 1000 deaths.

In June last year, nearly 300 people died in a collision between three trains in the eastern state of Odisha. (at)

A truck hits him and he escapes unharmed

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