Toyota Kirloskar Motor celebrates the first zone drive of its big 4X4 X expedition in the southern region of India

Bangalore, May 2023: Toyota Kirloskar Motor (TKM) today celebrated its much-anticipated Great 4×4 X-Pedition, marking the start of an extraordinary three-day adventure for car enthusiasts across the country. The aim of this exciting ride is to engage and captivate the 4×4 SUV fans through an unparalleled off-road experience, encouraging them to go beyond the ordinary, sparking their spirit of adventure and making lasting memories through this exciting journey with Toyota create. This endeavor is intended to bring “mass happiness” to all participating 4×4 communities.

Toyota’s Great 4×4 X Expedition kicked off this morning in Bangalore with the participation of 4×4 enthusiasts from South India. Over the next two days it will drive through the exhilarating tracks of Hassan and Sakleshpur with an impressive convoy of 4×4 SUVs driven by off-road enthusiasts to unleash the true potential of their proud vehicles including the legendary Hilux Fortuner 4× 4, LC 300, Hyryder AWD and other SUV vehicle brands.

As an integral part of this X-Pedition, TKM has created an additional 4WD track that is equipped with natural obstacles such as articulated joints, side slopes, ramblers, deep ditches, slush, rocky bottoms and more, ensuring an unparalleled extreme off-road experience. Over the next few days, the participants will not only experience exciting off-road adventures, but also immerse themselves in the scenic beauty of the region and explore historical sights along the way. This initiative also embraces the company’s sustainability vision by engaging in social interventions and contributing to the restoration of nature’s ecosystem. Additionally, attendees can engage in a variety of recreational activities designed to increase the appeal of this inspiring 4×4 outdoor lifestyle experience.

To mark the opening of the first-ever Great 4×4 X-Pedition in the southern region of India, Mr. Atul Sood – Vice President of Sales and Strategic Marketing at Toyota Kirloskar Motor said: “The Great 4×4 We would like to thank all enthusiastic participants and wish them a safe, unforgettable and exciting ride.”

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