The story of Christian Hadinata ‘going down the mountain’ for the good of Indonesian badminton

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Friday September 22, 2023 08:56 IWST

Christian Hadinata is a sort of consultant at PBSI. (CNN Indonesia/Abdul Susila)

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Indonesian badminton legend, Christian Hadinatadecided to come down the mountain to help PBSI succeed in 2024 Olympic Games Paris.

Since August 2023, the one known as Koh Kris, has been involved in the Cipayung National Training Center. Christian was not hired as a member of the coaching staff, but was invited to accompany the coaches and athletes to national training.

Christian’s experience as winner of five Asian Games gold medals, two Asian Championship gold medals, four Thomas Cups, three world championship titles and two gold medals at the world championships should bode well.

“I give my opinion to coaches and athletes on what needs to be done. Athletes need it, the fact is that training, discipline, concentration must be a need,” Christian said in an interview with Cipayung , Wednesday (20/9). ) .

“How can a coach communicate well with his athletes, continue to deliver the training program correctly and correctly, and also explain what the tasks look like for his students,” Christian said.

Christian said his duties at PBSI were not directly linked to the decline in performance in recent months. This 73-year-old man was specifically responsible for preparing for the Paris 2024 Olympics.

PBSI believes that it needs a legendary figure to pave the way for Indonesia and send many athletes to this global sporting event. Aside from providing suggestions and feedback, harsh criticism is also considered medicine.

The man who received the BWF Hall of Fame title in 2001 believes that Indonesian men’s doubles remains a mainstay. Even though it has declined, he is confident that his achievements will soar again at the end of 2023.

It is believed that the pair of Leo Rolly Carnando/Daniel Martin and Bagas Maulana/Muhammad Shohibul Fikri will become famous. These two pairs will force Fajar Alfian/Rian Ardianto, who currently occupy the world number one spot, to work hard.

Christian believes the other numbers, in men’s and women’s singles, as well as women’s and mixed doubles, will also be lucky. However, it all depends on the performance of athletes and coaches during the preparation period.

Christian bluntly stated that the muscular endurance of PBSI national training athletes lagged behind that of China, Japan and Korea. This is one of the things that became Christian’s highlight after a month in Pelatnas.

“It’s true, there is [kendala ketahanan fisik]. “I also said that we, our children, need to increase their muscular endurance,” Christian said.

“That’s honestly what we still lack compared to opponents like Japan, Korea, China. From 0-0 to the same rubber match, the shots are just as hard. Our kids have a downward trend “, did he declare.

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