The school hosts the largest free esports tournament

Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh) [India]: The introduction of technology into the classroom has led to a revolutionary change in the educational system. One such trend that is beginning to make its way into Indian education is the concept of esports – an innovative learning pedagogy that goes beyond the traditional understanding of games. E-sports, or electronic sports, is a growing extracurricular activity in K-12 schools that was introduced with the idea of ​​increasing student engagement and social inclusion, which contributes to values-based success in the future. As a school curriculum, Esports was designed to inspire students to pursue higher education or careers in STEAM fields, such as game design, computer science, data analysis, broadcasting, music production or graphic design. Today, many colleges and universities have in-house esports teams or offer esports degrees.

While the concept is more popular in the West, India still has big strides to make. Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools, based in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, is one of these pioneering schools that believes in bringing fun into a classroom space through e-sports that helps enable visual-spatial learning and improve self-esteem.

Recently, on April 22-23, 2023, the school hosted a two-day esports championship – VEC.23 — the largest esports event ever organized by a school in India, in partnership with MysteriaEsports. Building on their commitment to providing students with innovative and enriching experiences, the event marked an important milestone in the school’s mission to destigmatize the traditional idea of ​​play and showcase its multiple benefits for learning and development. In one of their groundbreaking moves in early 2022, Dalimss hosted a Minecraft Championship to encourage creativity and collaboration among students in a digital environment.

Pooja Madhok, Director of the Dalimss Sunbeam Group of Schools, promoted the ideals of nation-building and global citizenship, stating: “In any educational institution, students are largely confined to books within the four walls of the classroom. Gaming offers numerous strategic opportunities.” , situational and skill-building advantages that come into play as students choose their characters, examine their opponents’ characters, and use those choices to decide how to defeat those opponents. As they learn how to position each player’s characters on a map or in an arena, students develop strategic knowledge in game theory. This is a mathematical concept in which the players’ interactive choices affect or produce specific outcomes. During play, students use problem-solving skills to respond to new or unexpected situations and obstacles. Building on this, practical learning methods help students retain their knowledge and improve their overall performance and well-being.

Dalimss Sunbeam School (Dr Amrit Lal Ishrat Memorial Sunbeam School) was founded by the late Mrs. Deesh Ishrat, a visionary and educator, in memory of the distinguished scholar Dr. Amrit Lal Ishrat founded. Under the skilled guidance and mentorship of Dr. Pradeep Madhok, the current President, and Mrs. Pooja Madhok, the Principal, it has grown into a major academic institution in East Uttar Pradesh with branches in Rohania, Sigra, Ramkatora, Mohini Kunj, Paharia and the newly opened Dalimss Sunbeam Cambridge School in Varanasi together with 20 partner schools in Uttar Pradesh. With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, innovative curricula and internationally recognized teaching and learning methods, the school offers a supportive environment for every student. They have responded to the ever-changing and challenging needs of society and the global ecosystem by providing mindful, practical, learning-oriented life skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills combined with technological advances, which intensifies student development. Such groundbreaking methods have been instrumental in driving the institution’s growth trajectory.

The school has been providing quality education for 51 years. They recently partnered with the British Council and Face to Faith for their international student exchange program. Today, the school continues to evolve in line with global academic standards, establishing itself as an agency of transformation, talent, energy and creativity for the younger generation.

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