The ITS Sapuangin team won 3rd place in the world at the Shell Eco-Marathon 2023

Presentation to the ITS Sapuangin team of delegates of the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) World 2023

ITS Campus, ITS News — Being the only representative from Asia-Pacific and the Middle East, the Sapuangin team Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology (ITS) managed to win the third place in the world at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) World 2023 in Bangalore, India. This feat successfully recorded the name of Sapuangin ITS team as the fastest city car in the Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) category.

After defeating 12 teams from different countries, the ITS Sapuangin team once again spread its wings on the international stage after its latest achievement in Mandalika, Lombok last July. This time, the ITS energy-saving car team showed the speed and energy efficiency produced by the car. Sapuangin XI Evo 3 during the final race of the 2023 World Championship.

Image of the euphoria of Sapuangin's victory at SEM 2023

The euphoria of victory of the ITS Sapuangin team after winning the third place at the Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) World 2023 in Bangalore, India

Sapuangin ITS External Relations Team Aliffia Nur Arinda said that this victory came after her team collected points in a series of competitions which took place from October 10, 2023. This series of competitions includes Mileage challenge with a score of 42 points and 18 test points against the watch.

Previously, Sapuangin had participated in Regional championships in Mandalika with a score of eight points, “We got 68 points in total,” he said.

Looking in more detail, Rinda explained, the competition Mileage challenge test the robustness and energy efficiency of energy-efficient cars. In this category, the ITS Sapuangin team managed to demonstrate its superiority by reducing fuel consumption by 281 kilometers per liter.

“ITS Sapuangin team won second place in this round,” he said.

Image of the Sapuangin XI Evo 3 car at SEM 2023

The Sapuangin

It’s different with tests against the watch, This round requires each team’s cars to complete a lap with the fastest time. Like lightning, mobil Sapuangin XI Evo 3 demonstrated its brilliant performance by occupying fifth position that day. “We managed to achieve a time of one minute 37 seconds,” he said.

The student from the Department of Materials and Metallurgical Engineering continued: October 12, 2023 will take place final race in which all the teams from the three participating continents participated, namely Asia, America and Europe.

“All teams are ready on the line to start and completed 10 laps with a track length of 904 meters. Final race it’s been very stressful since we started to start from fifth positionRinda explained.

The ITS Sapuangin team won 3rd place in the world at the Shell Eco-Marathon 2023

ITS Sapuangin Team with Supervisor, Dr. Ir Wityanto MEngSc, at Shell Eco-Marathon (SEM) World 2023

The adrenaline rush of the Sapuangin ITS team became even more intense when the position of their energy-saving flagship car was lagging behind. They must therefore accelerate from last place to avoid losing.

In order to make Mother Earth proud, the ITS energy-saving car team is slowly catching up until it can occupy the third place.

Rinda said the victory of the ITS Sapuangin team in securing third place in the world was an extraordinary joy and pride for her and the team. This achievement is the result of their hard work and efforts over the past three months.

“As per our slogan, our mother’s prayers which always accompany us also support our success in making the nation proud,” concluded a proud Rinda. (ITS Public Relations)

Journalist: Hibar Buana Puspa

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