The Indian government informed the Delhi HC that the Ashok Swain-led OIC was canceled due to anti-India activities

On February 7, the Center informed the Delhi High Court that the registration of Professor Ashok Swain, an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) based in Sweden, had been canceled after he was found guilty of “illegal activities contrary to the interests of sovereignty, integrity and Indian security. The central government's response came after Swain challenged the cancellation of his OCI registration through an application before the Delhi High Court on July 30, 2023. His registration was canceled on the orders of the Indian Embassies in Sweden and in Latvia.

The Home Ministry told the High Court that it had considered reports from security agencies and the Ministry of External Affairs regarding Swain's activities and concluded that his OCI card was likely to be canceled under the provisions of Section 7D© of the Citizenship Act. . The ministry noted, “Therefore, on 06.11.2020, this ministry served a “notice” to the applicant through the Indian Embassy in Sweden to explain why his OCI card could not be canceled for engaging in inflammatory speech and anti-Activity in India.

The Department further noted that Swain's response to the notice was carefully reviewed. However, ministerial reports from security agencies and the MEA provide enough evidence to show that Swain was systematically and deliberately involved in anti-India activities. The center said Swain “continuously and deliberately engaged in inflammatory writings and speeches that have tarnished the image of the country and its institutions in the eyes of the international community, degraded the nation and harmed the country's interests.”

The Center further added that details of the security agency's contribution cannot be disclosed as it is classified as “secret”. However, the Center can submit it to the court in sealed cover if the court wishes.

Lawyer Aadil Singh Boparai representing Swain argued that Swain's criticism of the Indian government's policies did not make him “anti-India”. Responding to the submission, the Center argued that it can cancel the registration of the OCI card if it is “satisfied that it is necessary in the interests of India's sovereignty…integrity…security, India's friendly relations with any foreign country, or in the interest of the general public.”

The Center further added that granting visas is a “complete sovereign function” of the Government of India, and not “an enforceable right, let alone a fundamental right”. The center added that even though Swain has an OCI card, it cannot be equated with Indian citizenship as OCI card holders are foreign nationals.

The case will then be registered on May 7 2024.

Ashok Swain has a history of peddling fake news

Ashok Swain has a history of spreading fake news targeting the Indian government. His X account was detained in India for repeatedly posting fake news and spreading misinformation. On several occasions, Ashok Swain has not only slandered India but also tried to present a false narrative that Muslims are victims in the country.

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