Sports News | Bahrain badminton: Pramod Bhagat reaches singles and doubles finals with Sukant Kadam

Al Manama [Bahrain]May 23 (ANI): Player Ace Pramod Bhagat reaches the singles and doubles final again alongside his partner Sukant Kadam at the Bahrain International Badminton Championships.

The Padma Shri winner beat India’s Manoj Sarkar in straight matches to book a place in the singles final. The match lasted 26 minutes and the final score was 21-10, 21-17. The striker will now face India’s Kumar Naich in the final.

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In doubles, world number 1 Pramod Bagat and Sukant Kadam beat Indian duo Manoj Sarkar and Deep Ranjan Bisoyee in back-to-back matches. The final score was 21-5, 21-16 and he will now face Kumar Nitesh and India’s Tarun in the final.

In the mixed doubles match, Pramod Bhagat and his partner Manisha Ramdas faced Indonesian duo Hikmat Ramadhan and Liani Ratri Oktila in the semi-finals. It was a tough match and the final score was 8-21, 21-19, 13-21. (ANI)

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