Soon WhatsApp will be able to have 2 accounts at once on 1 cell phone

Jakarta: “What other benefits besides having a single WhatsApp account? Yes, of course, to have two accounts,” WhatsApp said.

Today they introduced the ability to have two accounts logged in at once. This feature is very useful when we switch between accounts, such as work and personal accounts, so there is no longer a need to log in and out of accounts, carry two phones, or worry about sending the wrong message.

To create a second account we will need a second phone number as well as a SIM card, or a mobile phone that accepts multiple SIMs or eSIMs. Simply open WhatsApp settings, click the arrow next to the name, then click “Add Account”. We can control the privacy and notification settings in each account.

“As a reminder, only use official WhatsApp and never download fake or counterfeit versions to get more accounts on your phone. Your messages are safe and private only when you use official WhatsApp.”

Over the past few months, WhatsApp seems to be aggressively rolling out the latest features. For individual segments, they present the channels. WhatsApp Channel or WhatsApp Channel is a feature designed to allow users to directly receive the latest information from organizations or other users.

This feature, officially available on June 8, 2023, is accessible through a separate tab with chat, in the Updates section, a feature that allows users to see the status of other users stored in the contact list.

Meanwhile, for the business world, WhatsApp introduced Flows at the Global Conversations event held at Jio World Center, Mumbai, India on Wednesday, September 20, 2023. The presence of Flows is expected to help accelerate many things in the business sector.

Meta Nikila Srinivasan, vice president of product management for business messaging, said that feeds will have a big influence on running a business. He also added that WhatsApp’s latest feature is very suitable for the characteristics of Indonesian society.

The feeds will later create broader commercial offerings. Users can order travel tickets, then order various fashion clothing products, and also carry out purchase and sale transactions through WhatsApp Business chat.

This feature will appear generally in the coming weeks. WhatsApp will allow businesses to receive Meta verification, which will help us know we are chatting with the right business.

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