Religion: Indian Prime Minister inaugurates controversial temple – politics

Stars from the world of film and sports

Among the invited guests at the celebration, which lasted several hours, were important business people and stars from the world of film and sports. A number of states declared Monday a public holiday. However, most of the political opposition did not attend the event as they criticized the mixing of religion and politics. Some Hindus also opposed Monday's inauguration because the temple was not yet fully built.

Criticism also came from Pakistan, which is hostile to India and whose majority population is Muslim. “The temple built on the site of the destroyed mosque will remain a stain on Indian democracy,” the Foreign Ministry in Islamabad wrote in a statement. Therefore, the ceremony was an increasingly political expression of the majority. Pakistan accuses India of decades of efforts to marginalize Muslims socially, economically and politically. You hear such words from Muslims in India too. However, many believe that they must come to terms with the current situation.

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