Potentially lethal heat by 2100: here are the countries most exposed

A new UK study reveals that the average temperature may be lethal and exceeds 29°C on Earth on average, around the year 2100. Several countries are particularly exposed to this risk.

Deadly heat ahead? This was revealed by a British study recently released from the University of Exeter, claiming that the average temperature on Earth could possibly exceed 29°C. Exceeding this average will take us out of the “human climate niche”.

By the end of the century, more than one in five humans could be exposed to dangerously high temperatures, due to the 2.7°C warming predicted by the scientists behind the study, compared to pre-industrial levels.

The IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) of the United Nations, announced that warming will exceed the limit of 1.5°C, which is needed to avoid a “climate catastrophe”.

Such a situation would expose around 20% of the projected world population (or two billion), to extreme heat by 2100, and weather conditions that could endanger health and life.

India, Nigeria and Pakistan were particularly affected

Among the countries first affected by this potentially lethal heat is India, with the largest population exposed to extreme heat. Nigeria, Indonesia, the Philippines and Pakistan were also among the countries alerted in the study.

Even in places remaining on the colder side of projected warming, scientists are expecting more heatwaves and droughts.

This extreme heat can impact the ability to work, study, or even think. Also, they can be very damaging to crops and increase the likelihood of conflicts and infectious diseases.

As this heat wave spread, people would either not move from their homes, or would move but choose cooler climates.

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