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LOMBOK MotoGP is still often considered not to be a sport. However, the Repsol Honda rider, Mark Marquezasserted, MotoGP is a very physically demanding sport.

The Baby Alien proves that MotoGP is a sport by winning various titles with its smooth appearance on the circuit. Some of them are Motor Racing Laureus Sportsmen of the Year 2015 and 2020, Breakthrough Sportsmen of the Year 2014 and Comeback Sportsmen of the Year 2022.

According to him, everyone can know that MotoGP is a sport from the facial expressions of the riders after the race. The tired faces of the riders prove that MotoGP is very physical.

Marquez said a runner needs to have a fit body to be able to go fast throughout the season. Without 100% physics, drivers will struggle to achieve good race results.

“I think people have realized that this (MotoGP) really is a sport. You just have to look at the expressions on our faces when we finish the race (to know if MotoGP is a sport or not),” Marquez said, Quoted by AccidentFriday (18/3/2022).

“We have absolutely finished and, yes, all the riders in MotoGP. If you want to be fast and consistent in racing, you have to be in top form. That’s the best way to win races and be consistent.”

“If you only wrestle once, you’ll wrestle a lot. But anyway, I think for me there’s no doubt, it’s a real sport. You have to be a real athlete to be successful in MotoGP.”

Marc Marquez (Photo: MotoGP)

Meanwhile, Marc Marquez awaits the second race of the 2022 season, the Mandalika MotoGP 2022. The race will take place at Mandalika Circuit, Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB), on Sunday, March 20.

As the Mandalika circuit has just hosted MotoGP, it will be interesting to see the race this weekend. Because whoever wins will go down in history as the first rider to win a MotoGP race at the Mandalika circuit.

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