Montpellier: with Ground Zero, “indie” vinyl has found its core

After setting up a traveling record store, Rémi Saboul decided to put his trash can in the shade of the Sainte-Anne tower.

We have left him, in September 2019, with his friend Jean-Pierre Milhau. When the charcoal-colored duo of galettes, listening to themselves, comfortably stop at the precise speed of thirty-three revolutions per minute, crossing the streets of the territory at the wheel of their mobile shop (Vinyl Truck), flanked on 5.28 m2 Dear Renault relay.

“This project goes beyond the simple record store side”

Over the past few days, Rémi Saboul has recorded another LP with the opening of Ground Zero, a niche dedicated to cakes (always) but, this time, placed under the auspices of the Sainte-Anne tower. There, at fifty eight well-furnished square meters on the eponymous street number six.

But why do it actually? “I want to open a shop. Then, when you travel, the first question people ask is: ‘Do you have a shop?'”. Then ? “And then Frank (Pompidor’s new partner, Editor’s Note, read below), want to open another. but Vinyl Trucks will continue to exist! This project goes beyond the “simple record storage” aspect. Because we added a hi-fi side with the Pro-Ject brand. We are the only shop in France, almost in Europe, to offer this one. And then here, we’re seduced by the “village” side of the neighborhood.

In the trash is choosing independent rock titles, currents alternative but also more generalist. “The idea is to complement the existing record stores with showcase (mini-promotional concert, editor’s note) and the artist’s signature, Frank summarizes. Short, “an old-fashioned record store, just the way we like it!”, added Remi. To be sure, this single lazarette with pancakes is very similar!

HushPuppies in Poissonniere

Prior to creating the Paris brand Ground Zero (rue du Faubourg-Poissonnière in the 10th arrondissement), Franck Pompidor experienced the scene with HushPuppies. This independent rock band founded in 2002 in Paris has its roots in a high school in Perpignan. Where four of the five potential members, including Franck Pompidor (drummer) founded Likyds. The HusPuppies went on to release three albums, including an excellent one Trap (2005). Since their third galette, suppressed in 2011, news about the group has dried up somewhat.

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