5 warmest bathing waters in the world in winter

Goa in India

The southwestern Indian state of Goa, with its 100 kilometers of coastline and long white sandy beaches dotted with palm trees, has one of the warmest bathing waters in the world. At this location, the Arabian Sea records an annual average temperature of 27°C. January and February, the sunniest months, are the best times for sea bathing. In general, the season that lasts from October to March is still very pleasant. Starting in April, although the water temperature is tempting – the maximum is 29°C in May – the heaviness of the atmosphere discourages you from lazing for hours in these heavenly waters.

Phuket in Thailand

The waters of the Andaman Sea, which wash over Phuket’s famous fine sandy beaches and large granite rocks, recorded temperatures of 28-29°C. Due to the island’s location next to the equator, the temperature is almost constant throughout the year, with a peak of 30°C in March-April. Since the Phuket region has a humid tropical climate, the best time to enjoy its waters is between December and March, during the dry season.

Phuket, Thailand


In the Maldives, an island nation located 450 kilometers south of India, the water temperature in the lagoon never drops below 27°C and reaches 29°C in April and May. This low water temperature is generally higher than the temperature of the Indian Ocean which surrounds the archipelago, thus supporting the existence of extraordinary underwater flora and fauna which is very popular with scuba diving enthusiasts. . The best time to swim in the Maldives atolls is from November to April, during the dry season.

Maldives © Pixabay

Cebu in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the Sulu Sea, which borders Cebu Island and 167 surrounding small islands, records a nearly constant temperature of 29°C throughout the year. Despite everything, the best time to swim in these transparent waters bordered by almost untouched nature is between January and May to avoid frequent typhoons during the rainy season.

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates

Dubai, its giant buildings, huge hotel complexes and very high water temperatures. Due to the desert climate, the city becomes a real furnace every summer. Air temperatures then exceed 40°C and sea temperatures skyrocket: between July and October, the waters of the Persian Gulf bordering Dubai range between 30 and 33°C. Or real soup, especially since the sea is very salty. To swim here, you’ll have to wait until November when the sea temperature drops to 27°C, or do as Dubai residents do: swim in the cooled pool.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates© Wikipedia

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