Mauritius: Secret naturist beach

This is without a doubt the most secret place in Mauritius: it is a nudist beach. It’s strictly forbidden to walk naked on the beach in Mauritius, but this place exists and is even announced with a sign that looks official

This is the discovery of our colleagues from the newspaper “Le Mauricien”. Access to the beach, well hidden behind rocks and rows of trees, is marked by a fake sign signed by the Indian Ocean Commission and the French Association of Mayors. It looks very official, with the logos of both organizations.

We found people showering in the simplest clothes and people showering wearing only their sunglasses. The flabbergasted reporters would check the rumors that this place existed. Fishermen had noticed that the tourists they saw in the distance were relaxing in Adam and Eve’s clothes.

Now that this practice is exposed in the media, we don’t give much of Adam and Eve’s skin. Too bad for them, as Mauritius law strictly prohibits nudism, and the Indian Ocean Commission’s office reserves the right to take legal action against misuse of its logo.

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