Mauritius: controversial film about converting to Islam banned by police

Huge controversy broke out in Mauritius on the occasion of the release of an Indian film accused of being Islamophobic. The reaction was so strong that the film was removed from theaters by police

“The Kerala Story” tells of the conversion of three students, two Hindus and a Christian, to being seduced and manipulated by Muslim men into wanting to get them to join Daesh.

The story claims to be true of rumors that in southern India, in the state of Kerala, several thousand young women were brainwashed in this way after a romantic encounter that would catapult them into the ranks of the Islamic State. The rumors were strong, sustained by Hindu nationalist propaganda.

The latest film – released in early May in India – started screening last weekend in three Mauritian cinemas. In one of the rooms, a group of angry people came to stop the broadcast. Police even had to set up roadblocks to search cars approaching the cinema.

However, “The Kerala Story” has received the green light from the Mauritian censors, but in front of such backlash, the authorities opted to ban its dissemination. The police even confiscated the pictures to avoid further projections.

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