Lions in the city, pink pools, mortars in the cinema, free horses on the plane

You ask for this week’s zot lé papaid for kroir menu from Monday 13 November to Friday 17 November, here it is: This Saturday, November 11 2023, a lion escaped from a circus in Italy near Rome. Finally… and after several hours of wandering around the city, the animal was finally caught. In Hawaii, a pond at the Kealia Pond Preserve on Maui, in the center of the archipelago, suddenly turned bright pink. Audience members set off fireworks during a screening of the action film “Tiger 3”, a new Bollywood blockbuster. Shortly after takeoff, the Boeing 747 flying from the United States to Belgium was forced to make an emergency turnaround mid-flight after a horse being transported in the hold escaped from its stall.

– Italy: a lion escaped from a circus and wandered for several hours in a city near Rome

This Saturday, November 11, 2023, a lion escaped from a circus in Italy near Rome. Residents were asked to isolate themselves. Finally… and after several hours of wandering around the city, the animal was finally captured.

The mayor of this city of 40,000 people, Alessandro Grando, has asked residents to stay home while police and circus staff try to catch the cat.

Video published by Italian media, the authenticity of which AFP could not confirm, showed an adult lion walking through deserted streets in the middle of the night.

At 22.30, more than five hours after his first message calling for caution, Alessandro Grando assured on his Facebook page that the lion had been “sedated and captured”. “He will now be cared for by the circus staff,” he added, thanking the emergency services and volunteers who helped during “these hours of great concern”.

“I hope this episode can raise awareness, and that we will finally end the exploitation of animals in circuses,” he wrote again. Anticipating possible complaints, Alessandro Grando clarified that he does not allow the presence of circuses with lions in the city, but he does not have the authority to prevent it.

– Hawaii: a pool mysteriously turns… neon pink

Pink water. This is an abnormal phenomenon that occurs in October in Hawaii (United States). A pond at Kealia Ponds Preserve on Maui, in the middle of the archipelago, suddenly turned bright pink. A rare phenomenon that is not necessarily a sign of good news.

According to local authorities, this is due to the increased salt content in the pool. Increased salinity is caused by the presence of small microbes.

Water samples sent to the University of Hawaii showed halobacteria as the cause of the pond’s new magenta color, according to the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

Based on measurements taken in the last few days, the salinity level of the Kealia swamp is twice as high as the sea.

Therefore, these swamps can be twice as salty as sea water. Drought. According to Bret Wolfe, director of the refuge located in the nature reserve, interviewed by The Guardian, these pools are usually fed by the surrounding river, which allows the water level to rise. However, climatic conditions no longer allow the river to flow into the swamp.

“That’s probably why this phenomenon is disappearing,” he said, adding that even shelter volunteers who have been there for decades have never seen this phenomenon happen.

– India: audiences set off fireworks in cinemas

A scene of chaos at an Indian cinema in Malegaon, India. Audience members set off fireworks during a screening of the action film “Tiger 3” – Bollywood’s new blockbuster – on November 12, 2023. A chaotic scene caused significant crowd movement.

When lead actor Salman Khan entered the stage at the Mohan Theatre, a group of fans had the idea to set off fireworks, thereby creating panic in the hall and an impressive scene of chaos.

In these shocking images, we can see explosions that disrupt projections and cause general panic as viewers take cover.

Faced with these images, Salman Khan spoke out on his X account (formerly Twitter). “I heard about fireworks in the cinema when Tiger 3 was screened. It’s dangerous. Let’s enjoy the film without endangering ourselves and others. Stay safe.”

According to information from the Indian media Times of India, police in the city of Malegaon did not report any injuries but have initiated legal proceedings against those responsible for the act.

A month earlier, at the same cinema, fireworks were also set off when fellow star actor Shah Rukh Khan entered the stage, according to the Times of India.

– Mid-flight, a horse escaped from its stable, and the plane was forced to make an emergency U-turn

Citing air traffic control recordings, television channels ABC News reported that the horse managed to free itself within half an hour after takeoff, when the plane was already at an altitude of about 9,500 m, according to the website FlightRadar24.

Footage of the Air Atlanta Iceland Boeing 747 pilot requesting permission to immediately return to New York for security reasons.

“We were a cargo plane that had a live animal, a horse, on board. The horse managed to escape from its stable. There was no problem flying, but we had to go back to New York because we couldn’t tie the horse. ,” we can hear in a recording posted on YouTube.

In the recording, the pilot can also be heard requesting the presence of a veterinarian for landing.

After making an emergency landing, the plane was then able to take off again and arrive in Liège, Belgium, the following morning.[email protected]

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