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By Manon C. · Published on October 19, 2023 at 1:43 pm.

Naan lovers, now you have your address: Kuna, a restaurant offering naan sandwiches, a stone’s throw from Pigalle.

Let it be said, that is Naan, whether plain, with cheese or garlic, is the cornerstone of successful Indian restaurant lunches. For die-hard fans this is a bit Pancakes from Indiahere’s the opening that will delight you: Kuna, the new lair Indian naan street food style, very close from Pigalle.

At the helm of this new restaurant, Candice Franc and Charley Moreau, the two Indian lovers train at Ducasse’s school and at La Felicita for the first, in some Parisian brasserie for the second. After their first Mediterranean restaurant opened together in Melun in Seine-et-Marne, they introduced Kuna with a desire to highlight Indian-inspired street food.

To do this, the two surrounded themselves Chief Sudarshan Acharya for making dishes and decorator Marine Tujas for the decoration of the place has opted for a subtle décor where bottle green tiles, copper-colored facades and bay windows bathe the Kuna in the daylight.

Prepared on site every morning by the chef, the Naan prepared in the purest way tradition. The dough is leavened with baker’s yeast then left to rest for 48 hours. After being squeezed, rolled and stretched, it is placed in the heart of a tandoor oven, famous traditional Indian oven. Filled with burning coals, it maintains intense heat up to 480 degrees and allows for unique cooking. The dough is placed against the inside walls, which immediately makes it rise! Prepared to taste in Kuna, the nana is spicy or mild, garnished with pork, chicken, fish or vegetables, salty or sweet, but always with French product sourced carefully.

On the menu, it’s intentionally short, four sandwiches bursting with authentic flavors and sparkling colors that pay homage to the menu’s classic landmarks. Indian street food version : two sandwiches aimed at meat eaters, one fish naan, and the last, vegetarian, which changes according to the season.

So choose:

  • THAT Butter Naanwith chicken marinated then cooked like traditional chicken Tikka Masala, simmered for six hours in a creamy sauce consisting of cumin, cinnamon, raisins and cashews, then accompanied by tomatoes, peppers and onions in curries and salads.
  • THAT Interesting Naanwith chunks of pulled pork loin cured for over 12 hours, onions and peppers, salad and homemade mango curry sauce.
  • THAT Karee Naan and pieces of cod marinated in milk then fried with cornflakes, combined with homemade curry sauce and Raïta sauce with yogurt, coriander and mint.
  • THAT Vegetable Naan with paneer (Indian cheese) marinated in paprika, cumin, coriander and garlic, browned on the grill, then topped with a secret sauce. At the beginning of winter, it will be replaced by shredded mushrooms.

Kuna also offers the recipe at Biryani bowl consisting of a base of rice seasoned with spices, cardamom seeds, peas and raisins and one of the House specialties – chicken, cod, pork or vegetarian; but also Indian side disheslike vegetable samosas with potatoes, peas and raisins and coral lentil dhal and shallots, which we happily accompany with a Homemade lemonade or a lassi Fruit.

And to end this lunch on site or to take home, not like a sweet naan, filled with spread, a cardamom rice pudding or a sundae.

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