Jhunjhunwala family-backed IKS Health acquires US healthtech company for ₹1,600; plans to go public by the fourth quarter of fiscal year 2024

Gupta says the company expects to hire 50,000 more employees within the next three years. The increase in personnel would go beyond the current team size of 14,000 people.

“The U.S. healthcare system is in a crisis that is worsening on all sides. “Financial instability, major workforce challenges and the precarious health of so many Americans require deeper and more comprehensive solutions that address these root problems,” says Gupta.

“Providing better, safer care is a top priority for all of us – but too often the ‘missions’ of healthcare get in the way of this core purpose…The combination of IKS and AQuity allows us to enable clinicians to fulfill their roles across the continuum of care “, he adds.

According to the press release, this acquisition expands IKS Health’s care enablement platform, which consists of technology and service offerings that include revenue optimization, clinical support, value-based care and digital health solutions.

In particular, AQuity’s extensive data sets will enable IKS to quickly mature and scale its proprietary AI solutions with critical expertise and the guidance of Reinforced Learning Through Human Feedback (RLHF), the company adds.

The acquisition follows recent strategic technology investments in Abridge, a generative AI platform designed to reduce administrative burden, and Sift Healthcare, a predictive analytics solution for revenue cycle management. IKS’ cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform integrates with all EHR and enterprise practice management systems.

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