Indonesian badminton team tested by young South Korean and Indian players at 2022 Asian Championship

As defending champions, Indonesia must be really ready from the start of the tournament.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA – Unlike the Thomas and Uber cups, when each participating country sent its best players to win the most prestigious title of badminton world team number number, at the 2022 Badminton event Asia Team Championship (BATC), many countries fielded second layer players. Not just Indonesia, who fielded second-tier players in the event which was also the qualifier for the 2022 Thomas and Uber Cups.

South Korea (South Korea) and India, who are in the same group as Indonesia in the men’s team, also sent substitutes. Another participant in Group A is Hong Kong.

With the material for tapestry players who are going to compete, it will definitely be more interesting. Besides the excitement of the match between young players, it is also a way to prove which country is capable of regenerating its players well.

From the data obtained, Wednesday (02/09/2022), at the event which will take place from February 15 to 20, 2022 in Selangor, Malaysia, South Korea sent Baek Ha Na, Kim Joo Eun Kim Min Ji, Lee Se Yeon, Lee Seo Jin, Park Min Jeong, Seong Seung Yeon and Sim Yujin. In the female team, there are Jeon Hyeok Jin, Jeong Min Sun, Jin Yeong, Kim Hwi Tae, Kim Jaehwan, Kim Joo Wan, Na Sung Seung, Noh Jin Seong, Park Sang Yong and Yoon Dae Ill.

The Indian men’s team was bolstered by Lakshya Sen, Mithin Manjunath, Kiran George, Ragu M Ravi Krishna/Uday Kumar, Amsakarunan Hariharan/Ruban Kumar and Dingku Singh/Manjt Singh. In the women’s team, Malvika Bansod, Aakarshi Kashyap, Ashmita Chalita, Tara Shah, Simran Singhi/Khushi Gupta, Nila V/Arubala and Aarthi Sara Sunil/Riza Mahreen.

Even with second-tier equipment, South Korea and India are still assets Indonesia should be wary of. So far, both are known as countries with good player regeneration, especially South Korea.

With the title of champion of the last three editions of the BATC, Indonesia must be really ready from the start of the tournament. This preparation was conveyed by the manager of the Indonesian badminton team, Harry Hartono in response to the results of the championship draw on Tuesday (02/08/2022).

“Seeing the results of the draw, the men’s and women’s teams, we are ready to fight. The preparations here are also quite good,” Harry said in a statement from PBSI.

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