Indian blockbusters are dynamizing the box office

Months after the historic blockbuster PathanShahrukh Khan is trying to break his own record with the event Jawan.

At the start of the year, blockbuster spy films Pathan became the biggest hit in Hindi box office history, surpassing the record held by Baahubali 2 since 2017. This time, the record is expected to fall in just eight months. And it was Shah Rukh Khan himself who took the plunge rewriting history twice in the same year spectacular blessing Jawan.

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After going through a difficult time in his career, Shah Rukh Khan silenced his critics in January Pathan beyond all expectations. The man nicknamed King Khan now seems determined to do so imposing his rule in an unassailable manner at the Indian box office. For a week, the most eagerly awaited thing Jawan breaking all the records in Bollywood one by one. It must be said that this film saw big things with a budget of 36 million dollars, much higher than 30.5 million dollars. Pathan on the scale of Indian cinema.

In addition to the warm critical reception, the public reception also rewarded this risk-taking. Jawan continues broke Bollywood box office records since its release. Thus, the country ended its first national week with a total net income of 47 million dollars, easily surpassing the 42 million dollar mark Pathan during the same period. New victory for the same king.

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The specificity of Jawan is to unite Hindi and Tamil cinema. On the one hand, we find Bollywood superstars on screen, on the other the direction, music composition and certain lead roles are provided by talents from Kollywood. The idea is to keep doing it targeting a national audience rather than a regional audience. A dream that begins with the saga Baahubali and which is gradually becoming clear for various industries in India.

Once again, this was a successful mission Jawan. The film grossed $5.4 million in a week in Tamil and Telugu dubbed versions. This more than doubled the final score Brahmastra ($2.38 million) which was the previous all-time record for a Hindi film in a South Indian language. It seems clear that the future of Indian cinema must be national.

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Historic victory of Jawan also confirms another trend that is happening in Indian cinema, viz its ability to establish itself more than ever on the international stage. With a first-week gross of around $27.4 million in international markets, the feature film marked the second-best start overseas for a Bollywood production, just behind Pathan and his 29.3 million dollars.

Also note that this is much better than similar big events RRR ($16.5 million) and KGF: Chapter 2 ($14.5 million). International wins are becoming more frequent across Indian industries. This increase in power clearly shows that a large audience is being formed far beyond the Indian diaspora.

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Given its exemplary stability, Jawan will be the sixth Indian film in history whose total worldwide earnings will surpass the 10 billion rupees (about 135 million dollars) mark. With one big difference. Different from Baahubali 2 Or Pathan, this film is not a sequel and does not belong to a pre-existing expansion of the universe. Shahrukh Khan’s presence is enough to compete with any franchise. If the era of superstars has passed in the West, the last sacred monster stronger than ever in India.

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