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The government’s bold plans have so far failed to eradicate it

From the edges of Calcutta to the mountains of plastic in Delhi, plastic is one of the main sources of pollution in India – © SIPA

Mahabharata Chronicle,
Charlie Salkazanov

This defining subject for the planet was a topic of intense discussion at the United Nations last week. After China and the United States, India is the third largest single-use plastic waste producer in the world. The country produces between 4 and 6 million tonnes annually. But it recycles very little, only a third, due to a lack of suitable infrastructure. Unable to deal with this waste, the government reaches the top of the chain. Last year, some single-use plastic items were banned. Despite his rewarding bravado, his success so far has been mixed.

A national drama

It’s impossible to get away from plastic in India. From the edge of Calcutta to the plastic mountains of Delhi […]

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