India protests Jokowi CPO export ban

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Importer India protest against export ban CPO and raw materials cooking oil implemented by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi).

Quoting Reuters on Friday (4/29), the Indian importer said the supply of oil to his country was hampered by the ban.

In fact, four Indian importers said 290,000 tonnes of vegetable oil was destined for India.

“Our ship, which weighs 16,000 tons, is stuck at the port of Kumai (Central Kalimantan) in Indonesia,” said the managing director of Gemini Edibles & Fats India Pvt Ltd. Pradeep Chowdhry, who admitted buying 30,000 tons of palm oil from Indonesia every month. .

“We don’t know when Indonesia will lift the export ban, and we don’t know when the congested (current) shipments will soon be delivered,” he continued.

Banning CPO exports would have the potential to make India short of vegetable oil for importers in that country.

As we know, India is the biggest importer of palm oil in the world. India depends on Indonesia for its oil needs for almost half of the 700,000 tonnes of oil its country needs every month.

Now, Indian oil buyers are targeting Malaysia to meet their needs. However, Malaysia would be unable to meet the demand.

Sunvin Group Chief Executive Sandeep Bajoria said oil sellers in Malaysia had to meet long-standing commitments and were unable to provide palm oil for fast delivery to India.

Palm oil is known to be used in everything from kitchen essentials to cosmetics and cleaning products.

Palm oil accounts for nearly 60% of global vegetable oil shipments. Indonesia is a producer that accounts for about a third of all vegetable oil imports.

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