India News | Ola founder Bhavesh Agarwal has promoted kurtas to showcase the beauty of Indian fashion among the youth.

New Delhi [India]July 7 (ANI): Tech giant, entrepreneur and CEO of Ola Cabs and Krutrim, Bhavesh Agrawal has revealed the influence of fashion statements of tech professionals in the West and expressed his desire to wear 'kurtas' at public events in a bid to bring back the freshness of Indian fashion among the youth.

Speaking to ANI, Bhavesh spoke about the sleek and modern elegance of designer wear and the need to communicate the essence of a stylish and comfortable approach to clothing.

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Agrawal emphasizes on the elegance and comfort of wearing a kurta as a fashion statement that stays true to its Indian roots and is suitable for Indian CEOs on formal occasions.

“In fact, these days, I usually wear short-sleeved shirts to public events. I guess I am also trying to project a certain image of how Indian CEOs can feel more comfortable in their skin, right? And our skin is our clothes – “That’s the kind of fashion sense that is prevalent in India. In my opinion, a crop top is a very elegant dress. So I think every Indian CEO, especially the young ones in the tech sector, should wear one. crop the top.”

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Bhavesh also highlighted how prominent figures like former Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang had made a sartorial statement by wearing what was in their best interest, adding that it was this idea that pushed him to follow the trend.

“Over the years, especially in the Bay Area, they’ve adopted their own way of dressing. And I think it started with Steve Jobs. He usually wears turtlenecks. And now we have Jensen Hwang, the new hero who’s becoming a style icon. He was wearing a leather jacket, so… ‘I noticed that. He’s an Nvidia guy. Yeah, he’s an Nvidia guy. He wears a leather jacket to every event.’”

“Leather jacket, black jeans, black shirt and the same black leather jacket. So, you know, in India, in our startup ecosystem, we end up looking a lot towards the West. So, I said, ‘Let’s try Indian clothing.’ So, we used to wear kurtas and they were really cool and I thought they looked good too,” adds Bhavesh.

During this informal conversation, Bhavesh also spoke about how he combines Indo-Western clothing that suits the younger generation.

When asked what an entrepreneur wears to big tech meetups in India and abroad, Bhavesh says, “I change my wardrobe a bit. Sometimes I wear a ‘bandi’ or Indian-style jacket with jeans. So it doesn’t have to look old. You know, the way things are. That includes men who are over seventy.”

The CEO also spoke about how the young Indian generation is missing out on cool things from India and why bringing back cool Indian fashion and connecting the young generation with the country is a responsibility.

Talking about 'bringing back elegance' to Indian clothing among the young Indian generation, Bhavesh said, “I think the young Indian generation doesn't think Indian things are cool today, so it is our responsibility to bring back elegance to Indian food, fashion and tourism like our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is doing with… Lakshadweep, right? So I think the young generation needs to revisit how amazing India is.

A kurta is a loose-fitting, collarless shirt or jacket worn in many parts of South Asia and is now worn all over the world.

The kurta has evolved stylistically over the centuries, especially in South Asia, as a garment for everyday wear as well as for formal occasions. (ANI)

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