Inauguration of Hindu temple in Dubai: symbol of strong ties between Emirates and India

Dubai's new Hindu temple opened in October. This modern spiritual center, very much open to the world, houses a multitude of Indian deities.

Among the dignitaries at the inauguration in Dubai was Sunjay Sudhir, India’s Ambassador to the UAE. When asked about the significance and significance of the temple, he described it as a “wonderful development”.


The opening of the new temple in Dubai also has significance for the large Indian community present in the UAE.

“Every new temple brings new joy to the people of India and this temple in particular, as it is a magnificent structure that is a work of art in itself. The temple houses 16 Hindu deities, as well as the Sikh holy book Guru Granth Sahib”, said the Indian ambassador, proud of his country's contribution.

Strengthening economic relations between the two countries.

Sunjay Sudhir also spoke about the strengthening economic ties between India and the UAE. During his tenure, the two countries signed the Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement (CEPA) to reduce import duties.

“For India, this is the first economic recovery agreement that we have signed in the last ten years,” said the Indian ambassador who also mentioned the important role of Emirates in funding Indian startups.

“We have 107 unicorns in India today, and many of these unicorns are funded by the Emirates. So, both the UAE and India believe that their future is inseparable and that is why these two countries complement each other so well.”, the representative explained.


“India and UAE are working together on health cooperation in Africa. We have collaborated on fintech. added Sunjay Sudhir.

The role of the ambassador to the United Arab Emirates

Speaking about his role as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Sunjay Sudhir makes no secret of the fact that despite his experience, the country has managed to surprise him:

“It was only after coming here, and being given the responsibility of being the ambassador of India, that I realised that there was actually a lot to be done, because everyone here is so open. There is a lot going on and I realised that anything is possible here.”

Sunjay Sudhir has extensive experience in India's foreign affairs. For him, having international experience is a great opportunity.

“It all started about 30 years ago in Egypt, where I underwent Arabic language training and then was posted to Syria before returning to Delhi to work. After that, I went to Sri Lanka, then to the WTO in Geneva. I came back to India, then I went to Sydney. Then I was appointed ambassador to the Maldives and finally arrived here in the United Arab Emirates with a very different function, but most importantly very enriching, the table is very wide and very colorful”, concluded the Indian ambassador.

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