In the news: India's challenge to dethrone China as the country with the largest population in the world

“According to the UN, by early June, India will overtake China with a population of more than 1.4 billion people,” that is 1/5 of humanity “, underline Washington Post. Population record,” greater than the total population of America, Africa or Europe “, confirm Post. Truly “ demographic dynamics », analysis on its part financial times, which New Delhi will use to “ overtaking the Chinese economy “.

After three centuries of demographic domination, “ China, with its aging and shrinking population, is now in decline », seems to rejoice New York Times who remain to wonder whether the Indian economy, despite its strength “ its young and growing workforce “, could one day be “ an economic power as big as China or the United States “.

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With 68% young people and workers “, all hope is allowed for India to achieve this, assuredIndian Express. Although the Chinese and Japanese press are very doubtful, they are very doubtful” it is likely that the Indian government will be able to create tens of millions of new jobs every year “. “ On the other hand, youth unemployment could weaken Indian society », handle it Global Time China.

While Japan Time emphasize the part” fragility of India's infrastructure, lack of electricity, water and pollution in India's big cities “. “ Big challenges to overcome », also the comment New York Times who however noted that of all the major economies, India should “ fastest growth this year ”, which he already has” overthrew the old British rule » ranks fifth among the richest countries in the world

A new burden for India that will “shift the center of gravity” of the world

This indicates a major change in the world order », analyze Wall Street Journal who believed that as its population increased, India “ will continue economic growth, buy more goods around the world, and play a larger role in international affairs “. More importantly because “ tensions are rising between China and the West », also underlines Time Magazinewhich strengthens” importance of India on the world stage » to counter Beijing's influence. “ New Delhi will chair this year's G20 meeting, and could even seek a permanent seat on the Security Council », American daily underline.

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Thousands of people leave Khartoum

A” run for your life » general in Khartoum for civilians caught in bombings and crossfire between two factions competing for power, reports the correspondent Time in Sudan. He described the terror experienced by the residents of the capital, “ lack of water and electricity » who are trying to find fuel to reach family outside the city while bodies pile up on the streets in « unbearable stench “.

The fighting has left more than 300 civilians dead and thousands injured, The Guardian correspondent reports Guardian which also explains “ intense clash » which also blocks « efforts by foreign countries to evacuate their citizens “.

The situation was so uncertain that the German Bundeswehr had to cancel the operation », report Suddeutsche Zeitung. The same for Japan while” Airports in Sudan are still unable to operate », said again Guardian which underlines that the report on the UN site “ from a nightmare situation », with attacks and looting of UN personnel.

Juan Carlos' return to Spain was widely criticized

The Spanish press took negative action against this new visit – the second in a year – for the former ruler living in exile since 2020 in Abu Dhabi, following his troubles with the Spanish justice system amid a corruption scandal. “ He is back », mocking El Correo which describes how the 85-year-old former king arrived on Wednesday April 19 on a luxury Emirates jet “ more than 50 million euros “.

A moving visit” a real inconvenience in the Royal Palace », explains the Spanish TV channel La Sexta while King Felipe VI “ did not know of his father's intentions, and that he had also urged his father to postpone his visit until after the regional elections on 28 May. Left-wing elected officials from Podemos were also angry and criticized the visit “ completely out of place » and demanded that he “ pay your taxes “. And all the press hopes “ that he would know how to remain careful » during this visit where “ he must not go to the Royal Palace in Madrid “, report Sexta.

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