Horrifying facts: 121 people killed in religious event in India


Deadly stampede during Hindu religious festival in Uttar Pradesh, Indiacausing many casualties. Reportedly 121 people were reported dead.

Most of the victims who died were women. While some of the other victims were children.

As reported by AFP, Wednesday (3/7/2024), local police reports stated that more than 250,000 people attended the religious festival held on Wednesday (3/7) morning local time. This figure is three times the number of 80,000 people permitted by local authorities to be organizers.

Uttar Pradesh's state disaster management centre, the Relief Commissioner's Office, released a report saying the death toll stood at 121.

Local authorities said almost all of the dead were women. Seven of the dead were children and one was a man.

Hours after the incident, clothes and shoes belonging to the missing victims were scattered in the mud. Witnesses said people fell and collided as they tumbled down the slope and into the water-filled ditch.

“Everyone – the entire crowd, including women and children – all left the area at the same time,” said local police officer Sheela Maurya (50), who was on duty when the stampede took place.

“There wasn’t enough space and everyone was falling over,” he explained.

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