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Britain’s conservative Home Secretary, Suella Braverman, accused police in her region of tolerating lawlessness during pro-Palestinian demonstrations. In an opinion piece in London’s Times newspaper, Braverman wrote that police ignored lawlessness by “pro-Palestinian mobs” while cracking down on right-wing and nationalist protesters. “I have spoken with current and former police officers who apply this double standard.” Right-wing politicians in Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s cabinet also acknowledged previous statements condemning pro-Palestinian demonstrations as “hate marches.” The background to the criticism was Scotland Yard Chief Mark Rowley’s refusal to call for a ban on pro-Palestinian protests planned in London on Saturday. Rowley was therefore summoned to a meeting with Sunak on Wednesday. Saturday also marks the anniversary of the end of the First World War (Armistice Day) in the UK. There were concerns that the commemoration would be disrupted by protests. But organizers rejected police calls to postpone the protest. A major World War commemoration event with the laying of a wreath by the King at the center of the Cenotaph monument in Westminster is not planned until Sunday. Rowley argued that the right to freedom of assembly should only be restricted in this way in extreme cases. The conditions for this do not exist. Sunak warned the Police Chief that he would take responsibility if any disturbance occurred. Meanwhile, Braverman also received strong criticism for his accusations against the police. The opposition Labor Party called for his dismissal. Labor home affairs spokeswoman Yvette Cooper described Braverman as “out of control”.

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