Hockey India celebrated Olympic Day 2024 by bringing the hockey community together through exciting activities

This is how Hockey India is celebrating Olympic Day this year.

Hockey India marked Olympic Day this year with a series of activities designed to promote the values ​​of sportsmanship. Over the past few days, Hockey India member units have organized various events to strengthen bonds between individuals of all ages and sports. These activities create a platform for people from diverse backgrounds to come together, overcome gender and physical barriers and have their first sporting experiences.

The celebration included a variety of events including friendly tournaments, exhibition matches, individual skills demonstration competitions and tree planting. In keeping with this year's theme, “Let's Move,” member units organized various activities centered around physical activity and hockey. Activities include exhibition matches, mini-tournaments, quizzes, art competitions and mass social service activities, all emphasizing Olympic Day and its values.

This celebration also aims to encourage an active lifestyle for all. By highlighting the importance of physical well-being, the event seeks to inspire a sense of responsibility and remind participants of the positive impact that sport and exercise can have on physical and mental health.

Introduced in 1948, Olympic Day commemorates the birth of the modern Olympic Games on June 23, 1894 at the Sorbonne in Paris. Its ultimate goal is to encourage sports participation globally, regardless of age, gender or athletic ability. As the 76th Olympic Day approaches, Hockey India is actively supporting the International Olympic Committee's #LetsMove campaign.

The hockey community from across the country came together to celebrate, sharing photos and videos on Hockey India's social media channels. Various member units organize many exciting activities on Sunday, promoting the Olympic spirit and celebrating the power of sport.

For example, HPC Hockey Tata Navy Odisha, Hockey Le Puducherry, Hockey Chhattisgarh and Hockey Uttarakhand organize drawing and quiz competitions as well as hockey matches, while Hockey Jharkhand, Hockey Bengal and Hockey Ranchi organize friendly matches.

Several member units, including Hockey Jammu & Kashmir, Hockey Bihar, Hockey Dadra & Nagar Haveli and Hockey Daman & Diu, Hockey Uttar Pradesh, Hockey Kerala, Hockey Jharkhand, Hockey Arunachal and Hockey Mizoram, organize exhibition matches for men and feminine. Goans Hockey organizes junior and sub-junior matches.

Hockey Bengal hosted a match between Hockey Bengal Masters players and organized a tree planting event, while Hockey Rajasthan and Chhattisgarh celebrated by encouraging people to incorporate yoga into their daily lives, with players from all over the world. ages practicing Surya Namaskar and Pranayama.

Meanwhile, Hockey Maharashtra hosted an exhibition match between Olympians and international players against the Maharashtra XI. The event also features interactions between Olympic athletes, children and parents, creating an unforgettable experience for all. Apart from this, there was a signature drive where participants wished good luck to the Indian hockey contingent for the 2024 Paris Olympics. In order to further engage the public, a selfie campaign 'Let's Move” was also organized.

Padma Shri, President of Hockey India, Dr. Dilip Tirkey said, “Our member units have shown incredible dedication towards integrating sports into daily life through a variety of activities, encouraging inclusion according to ages, genders and abilities. By bringing communities together and highlighting the countless benefits of sports participation, they truly embody the spirit of Olympic Day.

Echoing his thoughts, Hockey India General Secretary Shri Bhola Nath Singh said, “This celebration strengthens the bond between children, young adults and sports, providing a gateway to experience first-hand the rich culture of sport. Olympic Day promotes fitness, well-being, culture and education, while upholding the values ​​of excellence, friendship and respect.

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