Google Wallet coming to India: What it can and can't do

Google has officially launched the Wallet app in India. Google wallet is already available in global markets like the United States.
In India, Google offers Wallet without supporting payments, which means you cannot use the app to pay online with your debit/credit cards or through UPI. For payments, Google already offers Google Pay in the country which is the second most used UPI app after PhonePe.
Announcing the new Wallet app for India, Google said, “While the Google Pay app remains your destination for all things payments, Google Wallet now brings a new level of convenience to the Android experience in India . »
Google Wallet in India: What does he propose?
Note that the app is only available on the Google Play Store. Apple iOS users will not be able to use the app on their iPhone. Google has not revealed if or when it plans to offer an iOS app for Google Wallet.

This is because Google Pay remains the leading digital payment platform and might not work in the app's favor (at least for now).
Now the question that arises is without payment support, what does Google Wallet offer? Why should an Android user install another app on their phone?
Google has highlighted the features that will work with the Wallet app. Features offered by Google Wallet include:

  • Save movies or event tickets to Android phones
  • Access boarding passes for flights
  • Redeem loyalty cards or gift cards
  • Use the wallet to take public transportation (in some cities)
  • Use your Android phone as a company badge
  • Scan physical documents
  • Automatically display tickets from Gmail

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