Frankfurt Airport becomes first in Europe to use biometric facial recognition technology, Jakarta – Queue for registration and getting on a plane is a very boring experience. However, one German airport wants to significantly speed up the passenger processing process.

Citing the Euro News page, Sunday (10/29/2023), Frankfurt Airport said it would start offering services registration biometrics for all travelers in the coming months. The airline already offers a facial recognition system for passengers on Lufthansa and its affiliated Star Alliance routes (including United, Air China and Air India).

Here’s how the system works and how it can change your airport experience. Frankfurt Airport Offers registration facial recognition for all passengers.

Frankfurt Airport hopes to reduce waiting times by becoming the first airport in Europe to open its doors registration biometrics for all passengers. Airport operator Fraport said the time-saving technology will be available to travelers on all airlines who register in advance.

So how does it work registration biometrics? Instead of waiting in line at a desk to check your identity and documents, your face becomes Boarding passes You.

Passengers can pre-register securely via their mobile devices via the Star Alliance biometric app or directly at the check-in kiosk with a biometric-equipped passport. The entire registration process only takes a few seconds.

Their faces will then be scanned as they pass through checkpoints rather than having to show their documents. This system, called “Smart Lane”, has been used by more than 12,000 travelers at the boarding gate. registration and departure from the airport.

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