Focusing on defense, Fajar/Rian earn tickets to second round of Indian Open 2024

New Delhi: Fajar Alfian/Muhammad Rian Ardianto cruised through the first round of the Indian Open 2024 by defeating Malaysian representatives, Man Wei Chong/Kai Wun Tee, 16-21, 21-15 and 21-13 in 66 minutes.

Fajar/Rian admitted to having difficulty dealing with Man/Tee's speed and power in the first match. For this reason, they changed their game pattern in the second and third games to focus more on defense.

“First of all, thank God we managed to win today's match. In the first match our opponents played fast and powerful, that surprised us a little,” Fajar said. “But in the second and third games we tried to fight back by changing our scheme, playing a lot of long drives and strengthening our defense. In the third game our confidence increased and they were put under pressure again.” , explained Fajar.

“After the third break we didn't let up on our attacks but we got a lot of feedback. Thank goodness we were able to stay focused and improve until the last point,” commented Rian.

To navigate the second half, Fajar/Rian will focus on reducing their own errors and adapting to the pitch. According to both, the cold in New Delhi affected the speed of the steering wheel, making it slower.

“In the round of 16, we need to further reduce our own mistakes. The adaptation to the court also needs to be better. Considering the cold weather, the speed of the shuttlecock is a bit slow. It is different from the Malaysia Open in last week,” Fajar concluded.

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