Examples of technological developments often used on a daily basis

KOMPAS.com – Real examples of technological developments can be found in everyday life. In fact, it is not uncommon for us to use or benefit from it as well.

Technological developments mean that, from time to time, technology continues to develop in a more sophisticated direction. This development is based on human innovation and creativity.

According to Mohammad Zamroni in the newspaper The development of communication technology and its impact on life (2009)The stream of technological development is widespread and entering into people’s lives.

The existence of globalization favors the diffusion of technological developments in various countries. As a result, the technology is becoming more widely known and widespread in human life.

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Examples of technological developments

Quote from the book History of the development of information and communication technologies (2012) by Nuryanto, an example of technological development can be seen in the differences in the use of tools in the past and present.

For example, in the past, people used Kentongan as a tool to provide information. However, the provision of information can currently be done via the Internet and social media.

Here are some examples of technological developments that are used on a daily basis, namely:

  • In ancient times, people used rickshaws as a means of land transportation. However, nowadays people can use motorbikes, cars, and buses as their ground transportation.
  • In the past, people communicated by sending letters or short text messages. Currently, sending messages can be done through social media, such as WhatsApp and Line.
  • People used typewriters to do homework or type. But now it can be done using laptops, computers and cell phones.
  • As lighting, candles or oil lamps were very often used. However, since the development of technology, many people have turned to electric lighting.
  • In the past, people washed clothes in the traditional way. This job is made easier with the washing machine.

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