ELECTRIC show for Hello India 2022

On 8 May 2022, the Royal Opera House in Mumbai hosted the Compagnie Blanca Li for the stunning electro dance performance, ELEKTRIK, as part of the Bonjour India festival. The six dancers presented a dynamic and cheerful performance with a mix of electro and baroque music that captivated the audience.

At the end of the show, I had the impression of dancing with the troupe, their energy was contagious!

The event is organized by the Alliance Française de Bombay with the support of the French Institute in India and the French Consulate General in Bombay.

President of the Institut Français and Consul General of France

ELECTRIC Show (2018)

ELECTRIC is the third electro dance performance produced by Compagnie Blanca Li and presented for the first time at the Théâtre du 13ème Art in Paris from 27 March to 14 April 2018.

With its players who have become world references in electro culture and music partially composed by Tao Gutierrez, “ELECTRIC” is a concentration of talent devoted to electro.

An unmissable show that brings vitality and optimism!

ELECTRIC show for Indian Bonjour

electronic dance

As the Slate dancer explained after the show, electronic dance started in the 2000s at clubs in the southern suburbs of Paris. This dance is characterized by circular and circular movements of the body, especially the arm movements which are performed in an energetic, even frenetic manner. That electronic dance has evolved steadily since its inception and lives on by release, between explosion and precision.

Choreographer Blanca Li

Blanca Li is a choreographer, dancer, director and interactive exhibition director. Be it shows, operas, music videos or films, he is behind a huge number of projects: “I like to achieve whatever is in my mind“, he said. With Blanca Liit all begins and ends with the energy of movement and dance.

Blanca Li has directed the Teatros del Canal in Madrid since November 2019. She was elected to the Academy of Fine Arts on 24 April 2019, in the choreography section.

Born in Granada, Blanca Li became a member of the Spanish national rhythmic gymnastics team at the age of 12. At the age of 17, he moved to New York, where he studied for five years with Martha Graham and at other schools, including Alvin Ailey, Paul Sanasardo and Clark Center. Living in Spain’s Harlem, he is a direct witness to the hip-hop boom that emerges every day and at the same time created the flamenco rap group las Xoxones. Upon his return to Spain, he founded his first contemporary dance company in Madrid, selected for the Universal Exhibition program in Seville.

In 2010, when I met these few passionate high school students, excited by the dance they created, I knew right away that it was the start of a great story.

Since the beginning of the adventure, the dancers have grown up, some opening up to other dance styles, others turning to fashion or music… Electro has become a real culture, full of various influences. .

With Electro Kif, in the creation of the then tour, I had the opportunity to witness their evolution over the course of four years. Making my film Electro Mathematrix is ​​another step towards the Electric show. The photoshoot allowed me to rediscover the dancers five years after the creation of Elektro Kif and to gauge the incredible evolution of their dance.

Electro has maintained its immense power, its vibrant positive energy, while enriching its language and spectrum of possibilities… Electro today is unbearable.

Blanca Li

ELECTRICITY in Mumbai, what a great night we would like to see happen again

A big thank you to the dancers for this high quality performance, but also for their availability after the show.

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