Duh, the Tesla car indent hasn’t come in six years


The average car pivot only lasts a month. But in India, a group of people had to suffer the bitter fate of waiting six years for their dream car and it never came.

Launching the Indian Express, a number of consumers in India pre-ordered the Tesla Model 3 in 2016. At that time, potential customers had already paid the electric car reservation fee of US$1,000, or about 14 .4 million rupees.

However, six years after the booking fee was paid, the targeted car has not arrived. Even though they were promised that the money could be returned, the fact is that so far there are still customers whose rights have not been returned.

When the Tesla Model 3 was released in 2016, Tesla CEO Elon Musk said potential customers around the world could place an order for the electric car. This includes Indian consumers who want to buy it.

The delay in delivery to India has annoyed consumers. The problem is that Tesla has actually started shipping over 300,000 Tesla Model 3 units to various countries around the world.

As a result, some consumers felt disappointed and cheated by Tesla because the car they ordered had not arrived. Not a few consumers who end up asking for a refund because they can’t wait too long.

“It’s only $1,000, but they still took my money,” said a Tesla Model 3 customer in India.

A number of speculations say that one of the reasons why consumers have not been able to get their electric cars is due to the delay in cooperation between Tesla and the Indian government.

Some time ago, the Indian government persuaded Tesla to move its electric car factory from China to India. In fact, the Indian government wants Tesla’s factory in its country to become the world’s leading supplier of electric cars.

Indian Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari said Tesla should stop producing electric cars from factories in China. Gadkari is also reluctant to accept Tesla’s electric cars that are produced in China and then imported into his country.

“Producing (electric cars) in China and selling them here is not a good thing,” Gadkari said some time ago.

In addition, Gadkari hopes that the company owned by Elon Musk can make India a center for exporting Tesla’s electric cars to the world. Indeed, the Indian government believes that Tesla will invest heavily, not only in selling electric cars, but also in using India’s resources.

With the presence of the Tesla factory in India, the government hopes to create new jobs, develop advanced technologies, stimulate the economy and reduce the crisis in the vehicle supply chain that has occurred over the past few years. last months.

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