Do you know what happens to the Audi e-Tron battery?

Second life electric car battery is a complicated problem builder more and more are taking action to find environmentally friendly solutions. German Premium Brand, Audifor its part put forward a proposal by providing power, thanks to second-hand batteries originating Audi e-tron test vehicle (also called Q8 e-tron), an electric rickshaw (or “e-rickshaw”) is hitting the streets of India. An idea came from a group of 14 trainees, based at the Neckarsulm site, to replace this combustion engine tuk tuk by an electric motor in addition to designing a floor that can accommodate second life battery.

Conducted with a German-Indian non-profit start-up Nunamfunded by the Audi Environmental Foundation, the project aims to explore how the modules are manufactured high voltage battery can be reused after the life cycle of the car containing it. I have to say that “THAT old battery still very powerful, even after first use in a vehicle » assured Prodip Chatterjee, one of the founders of Nunam. Since a long time ago, “for machines with autonomy requirements and lower power, as well as lower overall weight, are both very promising. »

Supporting sustainability…and women

Because of a electric vehicle those who can’t charge are useless and that’s the respect aspectenvironment must also integrate charging infrastructureThe Numan/Audi alliance has also found a solution to overcome this electric tuk-tuk does not rely on India’s public grid, most of which runs on coal. Therefore, solar charging station developed in-house and the panels are on the roof allowing the rickshaw to be mounted at night while functioning as electricity storage stamp on that day.

Audi tuk tuk recharge

Finally, in the third step, the remaining power battery can be used for stationary applications such as LED lights because “We want to maximize every battery beforehand to recycle », recalls Prodip Chatterjee. However, there is more to this experimentterminal installation or decarbonization of a hard-hit country air pollution because this also aims to strengthen Job opportunities for women in India. This actually benefits from e-rickshaw to transport goods without the need to go through expensive intermediaries. Enough to help people facing difficult life situations to earn an income and gain economic independence, all from sustainable way.

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