Bamboo Forest Safari Lodges, luxury accommodation in the heart of the forest

In addition to the comfort of its hotel, the new luxury complex of Bambou Forest Safari Lodges (BFSL) has a great asset: it is located in the heart of an extraordinary and timeless place, the Tadoba-Andharia game reserve (TATR) where visitors can observe the Big Five – Bengal tiger, leopard, wild dog, sloth bear and gaur – as well as a wide variety of birds.

Therefore a unique experience in nature that Bamboo Forest Safari Lodges (BFSL) allows you to live, and this, he assures, while safeguarding the welfare of wildlife in their natural habitat.

Project “fromEnvironmentally responsible luxury hotels » Bambou Forest Safari Lodges (BFSL) is based on the idea that humans and animals can coexist in harmony.

To respect its ecological bias, the company uses Eco Ranger – the first electric luxury safari vehicle in India that can accommodate up to six passengers and stands out for its zero environmental impact. Since these vehicles are silent, they allow you to go where other 4X4 vehicles cannot and increase your chances of encountering panthers, Bengal tigers or even bears in their natural habitat. Even better, BFSL assures, Eco Ranger leaves no trace of pollution in the forest.

Additionally, the new luxury resort Bambou Forest Safari Lodges (BFSL) lets you discover the heritage of the Gond population in Tadoba Nature Reservea place where bamboo traditions and crafts are at the heart of local community life.

Therefore also a introduction to culture in the village offered, with a ride on an ox cart and a visit to a training center for bamboo weaving techniques that demonstrate the community’s commitment to local conservation and prosperity through the artisanal use of raw materials.

The Tadoba-Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) is located near Chandarpur in Maharashtra, 1 hour 40 minutes by car from Nagpur airport, which is an hour by plane from Delhi or Mumbai.

Bambou Forest Safari Lodges (BFSL) has been awarded a The first luxury property, The Tree House Resort, in Jaipur, is still in India, but in the state of Rajasthan.

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