Air transport: major maneuvers in India

Let us also recall the bankruptcy of two challengers. Airline Jetled by Naresh Goyal, folded in 2019 following a major management error in not listening to its advisor Pierre Jeanniot, former Director General of IATA, who advocated caution.

The company still has it of 100 aircraft have chosen to open trans-pacific routes while the natural development is more towards Europe and the transatlantic, markets where operating costs are much cheaper.

Kingfisher Airlines also died because it wanted to move too quickly in its development. The owner, Dr Dr Vijay Mallya, made his fortune from the eponymous beer and he probably thought that operating a plane was no more difficult than distributing the popular drink.

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Only air travel has an unrivaled status compared to other sectors of activity and the staggering order that Vijay Mallya placed at the Paris Air Show in 2005, the year it began operations: 5 A380s, 5 A350s and 5 A330-200s is simply unbelievable. But overnight, the leader of the nascent company became a global star. And it got to his head.

In 2012, bankruptcy had to be declared with debts of 2 billion euros and Vijay Mallya fled the country before being arrested for bad checks.

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