A reality TV contestant was arrested for wearing a tiger’s paw as a necklace

A candidate from reality TV show broadcast in India was arrested this Sunday and removed from television programming. Influencer actually wear it as a necklace a pendant decorated with claws tigerreport BBC.

Varthur Santhosh was a contestant on “Big Boss Kannada,” an Indian adaptation of “Big Brother” in Kannada, an Indian language spoken by nearly 60 million people. Entrepreneurs are expelled after fifteen days of participating in this reality show confinement, right Parisian.

Very protected animal

At some point in the show, we see the man wearing a thick gold necklace that has a pendant made of claws at the end. tiger split in two. Alerted by numerous complaints from viewers, the police intervened at the show’s shooting location.

“We examined the pendant and confirmed that it was a tiger’s claw,” police said, as quoted by the BBC. Varthur Santhosh was arrested and permanently removed from the reality show. Under Indian law, which has banned the wearing of any animal parts since 1972, influencers risk being jailed for between three and seven years.

Rare species, tigers are actively protected in India. This country is home to 75% of the world’s population of these cats. In the 1970s, a program was launched to conserve this species and recent measures appear to have borne fruit. Between 2018 and 2022, the tiger population in India is estimated to increase by 200 individuals.

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