“A more beautiful life”: the series is back on new channel again!

Starting March 13, channel Chérie 25 will broadcast episodes of the mythical soap “Plus belle la vie” in reruns.

Good news for “Plus belle la vie” fans! The series, which stopped broadcasting on November 18 on France 3, will be re-broadcast on channel Chérie 25. The episodes will air from March 13 next.

After 18 years on the air on France 3, the end of the series has shocked the most loyal viewers and therefore it is on channel Chérie 25 that fans can now find their favorite characters and their adventures.

Next soon?

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Regarding the creation of new episodes, there is still hope as Xavier Niel has expressed his desire to program the series in his new television channel project called SIX. “We had quite a lively exchange with Newen to put ‘Plus belle la vie’ on the air,” said Maxime Lombardini, his right arm.

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Meanwhile, former actress of the series Florence Demay also informed that the mythical soap would have a sequel broadcast “on a dedicated platform”.

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