‘A gift to America and MLS’, Beckham is happy with Messi’s first months at Inter Miami

Visiting India for the Cricket World Cup this Wednesday, David Beckham took the opportunity to speak to AFP about Lionel Messi. The Inter Miami boss did not hide his satisfaction at being able to bring the Golden Ball to the United States eight times.

In an interview with AFP, David Beckham, president and co-owner of Inter Miami, said Lionel Messi’s arrival at his Florida club this summer was “a gift for America and MLS”. The former footballer believes the Argentinian can change the ambitions of young Americans.

“Messi is an inspiration for a whole generation of players”

“When someone told me that Lionel Messi played for Inter Miami, I still couldn’t believe it. “As owner, I am very proud to have the world’s best player in the team,” replied David Beckham when asked about his arrival. of the world champions represented by their clubs. We know that bringing Leo to the United States, not just to Miami, is a gift to America and MLS. Because someone like him is a game changer, he is an inspiration to a whole generation of players. That’s why we want Leo in the team.”

“Of course we also want to win titles, to be the best team in the league. But one of the reasons for recruiting him was to be an inspiration to the next generation of players in the United States. To make people want to be great players. “football” player.Messi has this power,” he assured.

Beckham confident for England at Euro 2024

Asked about England’s chances at the next Euros, the former Three Lions star was upbeat: “I have a lot of confidence in this England team. I believe in Gareth Southgate (coach, Editor’s Note), in what he has done over the years (. ..) I don’t want to get ahead of myself, but I think at Euro 2024, we really have a chance, with young players like Cole Palmer, Jude Bellingham, etc. And of course there is a chance of our captain Harry Kane, who continues be an example for the team and score goals.”

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