A client stayed almost 2 years in a 5 star hotel and left without paying

A client of a 5 star hotel in Delhi, India stayed for almost 2 years in a room. He ended up leaving without paying the bill. The bill was close to 65,000 euros.

Today May 30, 2019. A client booked a room for one night at a 5-star hotel in Delhi, India. The Roseate House Hotel offers all the luxury and comfort that a luxury establishment can offer its wealthy clients. The luxury that Ankush Dutta loves. Night after night, he would extend his stay at this chic hotel located near the airport. Until spending 603 nights there.

On 22 January 2021, Ankush Dutta’s client decided to leave. Without going through the receptionist to settle the bill. That’s huge: 5.8 million Indian rupees. That’s almost 65,000 euros! Holy slate for hotels! The story was recently published by The Indian Express on the occasion of a police complaint.

Partner with the head of admissions

The fraud was discovered during a series of checks carried out inside the hotel, he explained Indian Times. The front desk manager was accused of falsifying guest records within the hotel. “He allegedly deleted, added and tampered with a large number of entries in guest accounts in the hotel’s software,” reads the complaint filed by the council. This manager will not notify his management when the outstanding payment exceeds 50,000 rupees (550 euros), as stipulated by hotel regulations.

Also according to the Indian newspaper, the investigation showed that the reception manager made some pending fake invoices, billed the customer’s night to another customer or changed the room number of this customer.

This is a 5 star property in Delhi India.
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Luxurious rooms, restaurant and spa

The head of the hotel’s reception service and other staff members were arrested for counterfeiting and criminal association. Opened in 2016, the 216-room Roseate House houses several restaurants and a luxury spa. The stealing customer has not been arrested for falling asleep all this time.

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