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3 Types of Wushu Sports Around the World turned out to be different. Here we will provide an explanation. Because there are still many who do not know wushu. Whereas in general wushu is a term that describes the martial arts of the land of the bamboo curtain.

Well, there are three types of martial arts that originated in China. What are they? Listen carefully Okezoners.

1. Wing Chun

Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art and form of martial arts that combines assault and wrestling and specializes in close combat. This martial art has become increasingly popular since Donny Yen played a teacher in the movie IP Man.

In this martial art, close combat is more important, quick punches and kicks are quite tight.

There are certain basic wing chun techniques that a person must learn before embarking on basic techniques or combination techniques. Some of the basic techniques are as follows: namely Horses, Siu Nim Tao and Chum Kiu.

2.Tai Chi

tai chi

The next Chinese self-defense is Taichi. Self-defense is not just about movement. But a Tai Chi athlete must also harmonize movement and mind. The key to success in Tai chi is to concentrate and above all to practice breathing.

Speaking of Tai Chi, you will definitely know who is a famous actor who is also good at pursuing Tai Chi. The answer is Jet Li.

Similar to wing chun, Tai Chi also has some basic techniques that must be mastered before taking the next step. One of the most important parts of this martial art is a movement that aims to relax the muscles and calm the mind so that it is in rhythm with the movements of the body.

3. Shaolin


When you hear the word Shaolin, your mind will surely show a Boboho movie figure with bald features living in a monk’s dormitory. This is not wrong, as China’s oldest martial arts were first developed at the Shaolin Buddhist Temple in Henan Province.

Most Shaolin martial artists are bald. As for physical training, we can say that Shaloin is quite heavy. Actor Jet Li has also proven to be very proficient in Shaolin martial arts.

The 3 types of Wushu sports in the world have been answered, which one do you prefer?

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