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India’s civic spirit, still safely housed

A common force that often reshapes the world—people’s determination to be self-defined and self-governed—is at play in India today. On Sunday, the country will inaugurate a new building for the national parliament, but the building itself, intended for civil debates,

Meta initiates the third round of layoffs

Meta Platforms Inc., run by Mark Zuckerberg, today began the latest round of layoffs as part of the company’s restructuring plan that will see around 10,000 job cuts. According to reports, ad sales, marketing and partnerships departments could be hit

Infosys launches Topaz generative AI platform

Software services giant Infosys on Tuesday announced the launch of Topaz — an AI-first suite of services, solutions and platforms leveraging generative artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Topaz leverages Infosys’ applied AI framework to build an AI-first core that includes 12,000+