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A trip to India with Nicky Doll

In his cap backwards, long Bermuda pants, sneakers, Karl Sanchez opted to travel to southern India, in a rural region of Kerala, rarely visited by tourists. The thirties merged with the audience. However, he was more used to being treated

our picks on Tuesday, August 29

This Tuesday, choose your nightly events based on the cry/noise that catches your eye the most: an animated dog movie, a social documentary, or a wake-up walk with friends. By MarionMichael Published on August 29, 2023 at 16:15. share LinkedIn

Sciencepost – Science, invention and innovation

Who are we ? Science Post is a magazinepopularize news and science. It aims to tackle various themes affecting science in general (biology, physics, ecology, history, medicine, technology, etc.). We want to copy scientific news as carefully as possible, informing