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explore the beautiful city of Hampi

This article is more than three years old. WELCOME World India Published on 12/22/2020 21:54. Renew on 12/22/2020 21:55. Video duration: 4 minutes India: discover the amazing city of Hampi India: discovering the amazing city of Hampi – (France 2)

India: in search of the ancient Chola dynasty

“Gangaikondacholapuram may be a small village today, but it was from here that the Chola tribe once ruled almost all of Southeast Asia,” he said. This film also inspired the creation of a “Ponniyin Selvan” track.. This three-day tour, developed

Why did Emmanuel Macron go to India?

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was the guest of honor on National Day on July 14 in Paris. Six months later, he would return the favor to French President Emmanuel Macron, in a sign of the vitality of the partnership