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In India, twelve days of rain sow chaos

Barpeta (Assam, India), report On unflooded streets, the decor is the same everywhere. Vehicles honk their horns to pass through the makeshift refugee tents. Cows and goats that may have been carried away by the farmers were tied to the

Narendra Modi promotes India at G7

Narendra Modi briefed the G7 on India’s efforts in green growth, renewable energy and sustainable lifestyles and called on foreign companies to come and invest in India. However, he also mentioned that energy security has become a very sensitive issue

The Commonwealth extends to Togo and Gabon

blasphemy! Two former French colonies, Gabon and Togo, joined the Commonwealth on Saturday. The organization is made up of some fifty countries, most of which are former British colonies with the common goal of maintaining strong historical and cultural ties